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We Are Roverz Games

We're creating the best in mobile entertainment by making games that change the way people have fun.

As a veteran based company, we come from humble beginnings. Life wasn't always easy but through hard work and tons of sacrifice, we managed to transition to a whole new world of creation and creativity. 

This new world is a great experience, full of passion and excitement, and fuels our daily lives. The results have been nothing less than amazing. We owe it to you and the world to share our creations. 


We hope these creations bring people joy, happiness, and the occasional  laugh out loud moment. Because that is what they have done for us and we aren't the selfish type.   


What We Are About


Our approach has always been simple, to constantly push forward and break through obstacles. 


We thrive on creativity and we push the limits what's considered industry safe. 


We embrace and encourage a strong community with everything we do. Without the fans, friends, and contributors we would be lost. 

Meet the Team

United Behind a Single Goal

Our Offices

Our Studio in Minnesota

Hidden away in northern Minnesota, we experience and see it all. From harsh winters, to stormy summers, we embrace anything thrown our way. This has made us hardy, resilient, and determined to succeed.  

Anything to Share?

Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or alien sightings.

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